Why a glass of milk doesn’t suit you

Ways to deal with lactose Intolerance

All of us grew up with our moms forcing us to drink a glass of milk but there are some of us who are lactose intolerant. Then you drink milk or eat foods with milk in them, you may get diarrhoea, gas, and cramps. There’s no need to drink a glass of milk and feel comfortable after that. Some dairy foods such as custard, cottage cheese, and yogurt have less lactose than milk. You may be able to eat them even if milk upsets your stomach.

If you can’t eat dairy products without problems, you may have to go on a low-lactose or lactose-free diet. If you do, keep in mind that since lactose is a sugar that’s also used to sweeten foods, it may be found in products that aren’t milk-based. May be you should ask your physician about ways to deal with this problem. Now you can also have probiotics yogurt (beneficial bacteria that can help your body digest lactose).

What you must eat if you are lactose intolerant:
– Milk and milk products are high in calcium so, in absence of that, eat other foods that are high in calcium. – If you’re worried about getting enough calcium, try to eat more leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and dried figs. You can also ask your physician about adding calcium supplements to your diet.
– Consider soy milk as an alternative to cow’s milk. It can be good substitutes if they’re fortified with calcium and vitamin D and you’re getting enough protein from other foods in your diet.
– Try imitation dairy products. Try tofu and non-dairy sour cream, whipped topping, and coffee creamer instead of the dairy originals.
– Use dairy products that have cultures in them, such as yogurt, buttermilk, and some cheeses. They have less lactose, and the cultures help your body digest the little bit that’s there.
– If you want your milk shake, there are restaurants now which serve vegan shakes too.
– And if you are a tea addict, don’t give so much of thought to milk. The market is now full of all kinds of tea like orange-passion fruit tea, jasmine tea, tulsi-ginger tea which you can have without adding milk. And yes, Darjeeling tea tastes heavenly without milk. So, enjoy your morning cuppa even if you are lactose intolerant.

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