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A. Vogel Products (also known as Bioforce)

Alfred Vogel supported Nature and Phytotherapy throughout his life.  The Pioneer in Natural Health died in 1996 at the ripe old age of 94. He was a naturopath and nutritional therapist, a tireless researcher, a gifted communicator and a passionate explorer.
Alfred Vogel was convinced that only fresh plants contained the full spectrum of active medicinal substances. For this reason we prepare all plants from which A.Vogel fresh herbal remedies are produced within 24 hours of harvest.
All plant products originate either from their own cultivation or from organic farmers working on contract. Whether from their own fields, from those of  contract farmers or from their specially trained wild gatherers:  the plants are harvested at an ideal, carefully predetermined time and immediately made into tinctures so that they can provide the maximum content of active substances.

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