betteryou D Lux 1000 Oral Vit D3 Spray- 15ml

betteryou D Lux 1000 Oral Vit D3 Spray- 15ml

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betteryou D Lux 1000 Oral Vit D3 Spray- 15ml

Vitamin D3 is essential, along with magnesium, to absorb calcium. Without D3 and magnesium, calcium is simply not soluble.

Betteryou D Lux 1000 Oral Vitamin D3will not enter our bones and settle in the soft tissues around our joint, in our muscles and in our blood cholesterol. Calcium is very good for us but only if we can absorb it.


Betteryou D Lux 1000 Oral Vitamin D3 is a fat soluble vitamin, so we have developed D Lux 100 to be oil-based (using natural sunflower oil), so increasing it retention within the body.

By applying  Betteryou D Lux 1000 Oral Vitamin D3  directly into the mouth, ideally under the tongue, Betteryou D Lux 1000 Oral Vitamin D3 is absorbed directly into the blood system rather than having to be processed by the digestive system and major organs. This ensures no loss during the absorption process. The solution has been microemulsified to ensure the particle size is optimal for absorption in this way.


A single spray directly into the mouth (ideally under the tongue) or as recommended by your health practitioner. Can be sprayed into a drink if preferred. 100 measured doses, 3 month’s supply. 



Purified water, xylitol (natural sweetener), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), sunflower oil, lemon oil, natural preservative: potassium sorbate.

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