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Health Tips for People Who Do Desk Jobs


 Feb 2020

When you take on a desk job, you don’t realise how bad it can impact your health of how it can wreak havoc on your body. If you spend all day on a computer device and sit for hours at a time, you need to get up from the desk often and avoid the possibilities of back pain, wrist pain or a tight neck. Here are some health tips for people who do desk jobs that might help you.

Focus on Comfort

If you spend 8-10 hours on a desk during a workday, you must ensure that the desk is comfortable and appropriate to your body. You can go for a sitting-standing desk that allows you to sit and stand according to your mood and comfort. Also, make sure that you can achieve the correct desk posture while working. You should never type if you need to scrunch your shoulders up. It is also essential to set the right chair and height ratio so that you can sit with your shoulders pulled back and relaxed. Buy the right chair that has adjustable height, allows you to put your feet on the floor comfortably, has lower back support and a solid cushion to sit on.

Take Breaks

Young people often have to deal with back pain and spinal issues because they sit on the desk for hours and don’t take enough breaks. Make it a rule to get up and take a short walk every half an hour. Look for excuses like fetching a beverage or talking to a colleague. Also, try to do unimportant tasks like checking your email while standing so that you don’t sit the entire day. A little hack of walking around while talking on the phone can be useful too. In case you get so involved in the work that you forget to take breaks, it is recommended that you set alarms for every half an hour or 20 minutes that would remind you to get up.

Exercise at the Desk

There are plenty of simple exercises like twists, neck rolls or shoulder rolls that you can do to keep your body and mind in good shape. Even doing a good stretch after a couple of minutes can work wonders. You can also opt for exercises like the couch stretch, grok squat, etc. if you have a personal cabin or you don’t mind funny looks from the people around your cubicle.

Eat Right

In addition to exercise, eating healthy organic foods prepared with good ingredients can also help desk job people to stay healthy. Health Mantra offers a nice variety of kitchen essentials that can make cooking fun and are 100% natural. In case you need to add some supplements to your diet to boost your nutrient intake, then too Health Mantra can be trusted. We offer quality supplements at reasonable prices that are organic, safe, and result-oriented. Purchase a couple of them now!



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