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How to Get Started with Mindful Eating?


 Feb 2020

If you are reading this now, please do a favour and remember what foods you ate last and how did they taste. It is likely you can’t remember the exact taste and all the flavours as you were eating while texting a friend or watching the TV screen. If you are nodding your head in agreement then you should realise that mindless eating or distracted eating could be contributing to your weight gain which often triggers other health issues. So, it’s about time you learn about mindful eating and how to get started with mindful eating. All the information is mentioned here.

Meaning of Mindful Eating

As the name suggests, mindful eating means accepting your thoughts, feelings and body sensations when you have food. It also means eating foods that are good for you and the world. The ideal mindful eating foods you should go for are fresh fruits & vegetables, seeds, whole grains, vegetable oils, etc. Mindful eating also means being focused on foods when buying, cooking, and serving them.

How to Get Started with Mindful Eating- The Steps

1. Learn About Foods

The process of mindful eating should begin with your grocery list. Learn about different types of foods and their nutrient content before shopping for monthly groceries. Note down every item you want to try and buy them in small quantities so that you don’t waste a lot if you don’t like the taste. Also, avoid impulsive shopping and shopping for unhealthy snacks and beverages. If you prefer, you can also learn about cooking different meals and try some recipes. You will surely enjoy a meal more if you have put some effort into creating it!

2. Eat at the Right Time

It is advised that you should eat your meals at similar times every day and in line with your body clock. Do not eat snacks between meals until you are really hungry. If you do, eat mindfully and depend on healthy snacks like fresh fruits or dry fruits. Always have the main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner when you are hungry. Also, never skip meals because it will make you extra hungry and you will end up eating more than what’s needed.

3. Eat Mindfully

Once you start consuming a meal, focus on having small bites only and chew every bite thoroughly. If you want to reduce the portion size, limit your plate to 9 inches or less. Make the time to appreciate the food and practice gratitude before every meal for the meal and the companions you are enjoying the food with. Be attentive regarding the colour, shape, aroma, feel and sounds of the food. Use all your senses to enjoy every aspect of it, be it the taste of fresh herbs or the fragrance of fresh orange juice. Spend some time in having your meal and avoid distractions like mobiles, TVs, etc. Don’t get up or talk to someone unless it’s urgent.

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