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Our digestive supplements support your digestive enzymes


 Apr 2021

One of the most common discomforts many of us experience but overlook is bloating. Many of us suffer bloating predominantly after eating too fast, too much or even just from eating a certain type of food. This can sometimes be because the digestive enzymes in our body cannot digest food quick enough to prevent side effects they may cause. Luckily, Health Mantra sources an excellent range of digestive supplements that may help your body to break down your foods when you’re planning to indulge! But first, let’s clarify what our natural digestive enzymes do.

Digestive enzymes are proteins which break down foods when we eat so our body can digest them easily. By breaking solids and liquids down, they turn into a more digestible substance, making it easier for the digestive tract to absorb them.

Our natural digestive enzymes are extremely important because without them, our body wouldn’t be able to utilise food for nutrients since it wouldn’t be able to break the food down. Digestive enzymes are present throughout our body in things like our saliva, pancreas and small intestine, but it is possible to be deficient in these key enzymes. Therefore, we are proud to offer supplements with vital ingredients that can help you to digest foods more easily.

What supplements will work with your digestive enzymes

Our supplements are reliable because we don’t just offer a huge range of supplements marketed for digestive enzyme issues. Instead, we source key vitamins and minerals in different forms that have been proven to support digestion. By selecting digestive aids and probiotics from the supplements tab on our homepage, you can find drinks and supplements that offer a ton of benefits.

  • Organic and beneficial ingredients – the ingredients in the digestive products we source are organic and natural. The ingredients in our digestive range vary from peppermint oil, which can relax your digestive system and ease bloating, to bromelain, a digestive enzyme found commonly in pineapples that helps to break down protein.
  • Products that taste nice – there is nothing worse than eating or drinking something with a horrible taste. Therefore, where the taste of products we source cannot be avoided (i.e. our drinks), we have made sure to supply only familiar and delicious tasting ingredients. For example, our aloe vera digestive drink has a sweet and refreshing taste and is packed with benefits for your skin and is highly nutritional in addition to supporting digestive health.
  • They are diverse – we understand that digestive problems won’t only occur at home, and when restrictions lift here in the UK, we are sure many of us will be travelling about and indulging in foods that we haven’t had to cook! Therefore, we supply a Travel Probiotic that you can take on your travels.

Our digestive products are so diverse, we would be here for hours explaining all their benefits.  Why not see for yourself!



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