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How to Stay Healthy in Winters?


 Feb 2020

When the air turns cold, many people catch a cold, flu or other illnesses quickly. Mostly, it’s because we don’t adjust quickly to the temperature changes. If you don’t want to get sick and stay in bed all the time, you should follow the tips mentioned below that answer the common question of how to stay healthy in winters.

Have the Right Foods

If you want to stay healthy in winters, you must include anti-inflammatory foods in your diet to strengthen the immune system. Replace dairy and refined sugars with whole fruits. Also, increase your intake of superfoods like seeds, dark greens, herbs, dark chocolate and other essentials that are loaded with antioxidants. Always eat high-quality foods loaded with essential nutrients and skip junk or fried foods as much as you can.

Track the Vitamins and Minerals Intake

Calculate how many vitamins and minerals you need daily and consume your food accordingly. Vitamin C should be an essential part of your diet as it can support the body’s defences against common ailments. Similarly, vitamin D helps you to boost immunity. Include minerals like zinc and copper as they help the immune system as well.

Get Help

You can take the assistance of a dietician or a nutrition expert to help you stay healthy in winters. Similarly, if you need help in meeting the quota of essential nutrients, you can take help from supplements offered by Health Mantra. They are organic, pure, natural and don’t contain any harmful components. You can also take the help of foods that have holistic nutrition like parsley, manuka honey, garlic, echinacea, etc. as they all have antimicrobial and healing properties.

In addition to the right diet, maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, get regular and quality sleep, and control your stress via meditation. Morning walks can do wonders too as fresh air; even cold air can work wonders too.



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